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City Addicks

edited October 2006 in General Charlton
Can you link our little blog please. We are just updating it with links At the moment and will ALSO let you know when the guests are confirmed but that might be a few days yet.


  • "The above meeting was well attended, and our guests appeared to enjoy themselves."

    that is the comment after the 1st meeting. nothing else, just that.
    made me crack up! did no one enjoy the other meetings? :-)
  • looking forward to it, always a good night the city addicks.

    worth pointing out these meetings are open to everyone. Its just a drink and an informal Q+A session.

    the link above is wrong. this is the new one now - dont ask me why i dont know.
  • I've only been to one, the Steve Brown meeting, and can thoroughly recommend City Addicks meetings to every and anyone Charlton. Good luck with the next one, I wish I could be there.
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