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Clattenburg is a w**ker!!

edited September 2006 in General Charlton
What a w**ker referee he is!! He problably sleeps in an Arsenal pyjama!!
2 goals of Van Persie, that Dutch w**ker, who shouldn't be on the pitch anymore after his foul on JFH, no foul given on Lisbie and he didn't give a penalty for a clear hand ball!!


  • awful, absolutely shocking. The last thing that we needed.
  • The ref might as well have put a yellow shirt on
  • I can suffer a poor ref as long as he is the same for both sides. That wasn't the case today!
  • I have to say that his performance, particularly in the first half, was so one-sided that it was embarrassing! For large chunks of the game we were playing against 11 players and the three officials when we should have been playing against 10 players for most of the game.

    Our performance deserved much better than we got from the officials - the bias towards the `big' clubs is getting worse each season.
  • [cite] sporaddick:[/cite] For large chunks of the game we were playing against 11 players and the three officials quote]

    To be honest Clattenburg overulled his linesmen a couple of times when they gave stuff our way so maybe we we only playing against one official.
  • The worst refereeing performance bar n one I have seen since we have returned. Even worse than Steve bennetts against -oh arsenal last season. See thhe pattern.

    The van persie non sending off was an absolute disgrace. Both the ref and the lino saw the Stamp yet have a yellow.

    As for the handball.... Speechless
  • But did you see the highlights of the Chelsea - Villa game? Makelele tries to wrestle Angel to the ground when he is storming down the pitch and Poll doesn't even give a free kick? Do we have any decent refs left?
  • Just seen the tackle on Lisbie that wasnt given..... How did the ref not give that? Studs up so much that Lisbie's boot was shredded!!!
  • But they don't show the Van Persie incident! I suppose that spoils the story really doesn't it.
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