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A family treat for Christmas

OK, so we're oddball and into Arty stuff, but I'm posting this because it is an unnusual one. It's the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy in Picadilly. I can't recall ever having seen so many young children who were utterly entranced and immersed at an exhibition. It's truly a one off, whatever your age, whether you're 'arty' or not, it gets inside your head. You can get a taster by seeing the outside exhibit in the courtyard. The exhibits just appear to absorb you into a new dimension, move an inch whilst standing in front of the 'distorting mirrors', and you disappear. If you want to do something different for Christmas, this is it.


  • have you got a spare RA membership?

    I really resent paying the prices there and at the Tate for some of their shows.
  • there is this very old shed at the bottom of our garden--roof fallen in---foxs play area etc. My Mrs keeps reminding me that i said id get rid of it at least 3 years ago. However i have a cunning plan, im gona leave it another year and then sell it to the Tate Maodern as modern--urdan --art. Call it "New Labour", Should be worth at least £10,000. Kidbrookes answer to Banksey -- Wanksey
  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]Kidbrookes answer to Banksey -- Wanksey

  • do they do family tickets at the RA?
  • Personally, i dont mind Kapoors stuff. We auction alot of his Post-war & Contemporary pieces at my work.

    I can certainly see why children could be transfixed by some of his work tho. Simple, large and striking.

    What sort of pieces are on show stilladdicted?...are they giant metal pebbles and shapes etc?
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