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Congratulations to Addick1965.........

.....for making the BBC Quotes of the Week !!


  • Congratulations.

    And I think we ALL knew how he felt!
  • LOL

    So even the BBC read Charlton Life. Is there no way to stop AFKA and Lookie taking over the whole world?

    "No" laughs Lookie as strokes a cat while sitting in his secret Caribbean hide out
  • must be going blind, read it 3 times and cant see where.
  • lol superb
  • 101101
    edited November 2009
    Wicked :-)
  • Second comment below Peter Crouch picture.
  • i did miss that, completely.
  • Fame at last :)
  • lol very funny, cant believe bbc actually read this forum :-)
  • Of course they do ........ they are both phantoms and all 43 guests
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  • Great quote, 1965.

    The art of constructive negative posting........quality!

    Shame about your bath tho'

  • [cite]Posted By: addick1965[/cite]Nothing to shred/punch/kick/break/sold my old Slayer I thought I'd have a nice bath and now the damn water has gone off...nothing, pressure at all and it appears it's just in my house as the neighbour's water is ends a terrific day :( " Addick1965 on the Charlton Life messageboard after the FA Cup defeat by Northwich.
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