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Were looking like being the up and coming team for this season.

Just got stuffed again, 4 games now without a goal, and seem to have their full squad available (near enough).

What's gone wrong ?


  • Things fall apart. Something's changed there. Maybe some bad apples in the lot, spreading dis-satisfaction and infecting the others. I'd like to think it's down to the bald, scouse twat. We got shot before he brought us down and sent him to Spurs, the perfect club for him, to work his magic there.

    It's a measure of a truly good squad, that they can rectify any drop in form before the rot sets in. With all the money they've spent over the years, Spurs finally had a good season, but have yet to show they've turned the corner and made themselves into a good club going in the right direction.
  • They're concentrating on Europe? I have to admit, the thought of Spurs doing an Ipswich is an entertaining one. Especially as my boss is a Spud.
  • I blame the captain. Where the fcuk was he for that second goal, off the pitch? All I saw on Match of the day was El Kak, Fortune, Herman and Hughes tracking back.

    Bring on The Arsenal !!! :-(
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