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  • I think our Community Trust do a great job.
  • Click bait thread title as expected this to be a rant about ours and have just ordered a afternoon's worth bag of popcorn! :-)
  • Our Supporters Trust does a great job too Henners. 
  • I never realised Vincent Tam was still at Cardiff.
  • If you believe, as I do, that the community trust does great things for the Charlton community and others please consider sponsoring me on the Ride London Essex 100 mile cycle.
  • There are two ‘trusts’ associated with Charlton.
    One is a charitably and local authority funded organisation that works in the Borough and wider community under the badge of Charlton Athletic.
    The other is a self funded supporter organisation that works according to systems created by the wider footballing community.
    Neither group are Mickey Mouse outfits, but operate according to rules and regulations established.
    The cross over confusion due to the word ‘trust’ can be wrong footing.
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