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5th April 2008

13 years ago today, Nicky Weaver set a new Club record of being sent off in the third minute of the game at Home Park after handling outside the area- (right in front of the Charlton fans as well).

Charlton went on to win 2-1 with both goals scored by Leroy Lita.


  • I was there.
    Excellent day in Devon.
  • Was there too. Terrible start but a great day out.
  • Rob Elliott's debut?
  • I was there.
    Excellent day in Devon.
    Me too. Although I did have to come by boat.

    Group of us spent most of the pre-match in Walkabout, on Union Street.
    Then off to the Britannia, opposite the ground.

    Thank God for pasties. Oggy, oggy, oggy.

  • I'd forgotten about Lita, was hoping we'd sign him permanently at the time.
  • Rob Elliott's debut?
    Played well too, but then Randolph started the next game at home to Southampton(?) and made a clanger for their goal iirc?
  • I was there.
    Excellent day in Devon.

    And you didn't pop around to see me........

  • Great day out. I remember the handful of Young Plymouth fans giving it when they went 1 up.  
    They soon disappeared with their parents when we went 2-1 up. 
    Elliott had a great game and made some very good stops. 
  • Stayed in Dawlish Friday and had a lovely walk on the warm sunshine in the morning. Drove home and next day due to play golf and it was snowed off. 
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