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Extreme E

Anyone watch this at all? The concept of it is good, the mixture of global warming awareness and racing is interesting, but I don't know if it's just the nature of the first circuit, the "racing" was a complete non event. Only 3 cars at a time, and due to the sheer amount of dust and sand kicked up the cars ended up running about 30 seconds apart from eachother. There's a reason they send off Dakar cars a minute apart and it's for safety and visibility, so trying to race in close proximity in those conditions wasn't a great idea. 


  • Agree, the dust ruined the competitive nature of the event for me. How they didn't see that happening I do not know. Like the concept and the message it is trying to get across, hoping the setup and broadcast gets better as time goes on. Mind you, thought the commentary team did a sterling job. 
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  • Watched about 5 minutes of it - utterly pointless.

  • Extreme E ? 

  • Why post a Dowie motivation video, Beds?
  • Like Formula 1 has been behind the improvements in the internal combustion engine and selling performance cars, the purpose of Extreme E is to do the same for the electric vehicle industry and give electric vehicles a cool image for the sake of the environment. Nothing gained just knocking it.
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