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Chick Corea R I P

Not a household name but one of my favourite jazz pianists has died from cancer aged 79. I saw him play several times with several different bands, the best was with Return to Forever .. like this .. 


  • Sad news. RIP.
  • RIP did an album with Herbie Hancock that was really good
  • RIP.

    Dont know much about jazz but i do know his name.
  • have all the RTF albums - will revisit ...
  • Got to the age now when there's a steady procession of valued musicians gradually departing this world, love Jazz fusion, RIP.
  • Another Jazz great gone, him and Herbie H together were mustard, RIP.
  • RIP Chick. I loved the RTF album 1972 then the albums that followed with that powerhouse quartet. Some music is ordained from a higher place and that certainly applies to Chick Corea. If I had to choose one album it would have to be 'Where have I known you before?' my personal soundtrack for 1974!
  • Well, this is utterly gutting news. I've had Return to Forever playing for a while. Light As A Feather is a truly brilliant album. I always wished I could play like he does and I'm so sad he has passed.


    Here's Chick playing Spain with Hiromi Uehara - a truly spellbinding exploration of what sort of soundscape two pianos and two master pianists can produce, followed by some wonderful duetting: 

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