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Roy Hudd - RIP

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Just been announced that he’s passed aged 83. RIP always made me laugh #NewsHuddLines


  • Very funny man. RIP.
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    Thought he was older than that.  Very funny actor and comic.
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    funny man RIP
  • I thought he was older than that too. Old school funny man. RIP
  • RIP Roy, used to love the Hudd Lines
  • Roy and his mate Norman Collier will have them in stitches in heaven

  • RIP. Roy Hudd one of the all time greats. #Huddlines was and still is excellent.
  • RIP, I used to enjoy listening to the News Huddlines in bed back in the 80s
  • Stalwart comedian and comedy historian, RIP Sir. 
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  • Amazingly long career and seemed to be one of those people who always had a good word for others.

  • Sleep tight, lovely man.
  • Funny man. RIP
  • Saw him acting in panto at Wilton's just a few years ago.  He was very good!  RIP Roy.
  • A funny and quick witted man and the best person to come out of Croydon.

    RIP Roy.

  • The News Huddlines was brilliant.
    RIP Roy.
  • R.I.P.
  • Roy Hudd was Patron of a theatrical company I used to be associated with many years ago. I never met him myself but I know people that did and without exception they said he was a gentleman and willing to pass on his expertise in a supportive and unpatronising manner.

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  • Tremendously funny man, he'll be missed.

    As well as the News Huddlines, he was utterly brilliant in The Newly Discovered Casebook of Sherlock Holmes.

    RIP to that rarest of beasts, a Palace fan that I really liked.
  • Clever bloke - RIP
  • Heard it on the radio this morning and my first thought was what were they going to do with Emu...........

    Then I realised they said Roy Hudd. 

  • RIP. 

    Think he was a Palace fan. 
  • We saw him a few years ago in panto at Wiltons Music Hall.  Supposedly he was 95 then so I'm surprised he's only 83 now.
  • Are there any of the old greats left ??? Besides  Rolf Harris . But he lost his great status . Shame brilliant entertainer 
  • We went to the City Varieties in Leeds last year -where they still put on 'The Good Old Days' once a year and he topped the bill. Brilliant.
  • Met him a couple of times , a really nice guy. RIP
  • R.I.P. Very talented actor and comedian. Not many like him left now. Never met him, but seemed a nice, genuine guy.
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