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Statbank: Charlton 1-3 Wendies

many thanks to the 72 Lifers who gave marks


  • Very good LL as usual, it is good to know that I see the players performance as most others when my top players on the day are on the top etc.
  • Ridiculous that Sarr, Morgan and Vennings are beneath Leko
  • No way was Sarr our worst player but there's a strong anti-Naby sentiment among many fans so it's no surprise to see him at the bottom.
  • Too late for my ratings , my own fault as I only log in Tuesday- Friday mostly.

    Would have put Albie Morgan at the bottom, surprised Dillon was MOTM although he had a good game just shows we were lacking a bit of quality.

    FWIW my ratings:

    Phillips:7.5, solid, couldn't do much with their goals

    Matthews: 6, nothing really stood out for me, but wasn't bad 

    Lockyer: 7, Solid, gets in the way and always throws his body into it

    Sarr: 5, not a Sarr basher but his passing was wayward and was too much of a risk. Struggled

    Doughty: 7.5, Looks quality, with the ball has that touch of class especially leading up to the goal. Worked hard and showed enough to hopefully stay within the first team, at least for now.

    Oshilaja 6.5, Occasionally gets in the way, but I don't really think he uses the ball that well. Not overly impressed although I do like his song 'His head is fookin massive..'

    Morgan 5, On the ball he is fine and his passing Is generally good, needs to do more off the ball. Doesn't really get around the pitch enough for me, snap judgement to say he needs to play CAM or somewhere he is not relied on to get stuck in.

    Pratley 5, Day to forget for Mr reliable, lack of legs does affect us if we haven't got Cullen or someone with the legs to cover him.

    Otzumer 5.5, touches of quality on the ball, but doesn't do enough for me. Really missing Johnny W who is better with and without the ball

    Leko 6.5, I felt he did well, gets a lot of stick but his biggest problem is sometimes he doesn't really know what to do with the ball, but definitely a threat and showing a bit of confidence following his latest couple of goals

    Bonne 6- A lot of running around, was in the right place so certainly knows when to pop up for the right time for a goal.

    Vennings 6- Did ok, the other youngster who came on looked better quality to me , but he didn't really do a lot wrong.

  • crazy that there are 2 teams below us in the form table
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