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TOGETHER FOR TEN - Two Rival sets of fans coming together to walk 10 miles!

Ahead of tomorrows highly anticipated game, i thought i would just give this one final plug. 

A group of fans from both clubs will be walking 10 miles from Sidcup station to the Den in memory of both Rob Knox and Jimmy Mizen. 

We have so far raised over £800 (over £1,000 with gift aid) for the CACT and ForJimmy Charities and are continuing to raise money over the next couple of days both online at and through collection buckets on route during the walk. 

If anyone wants to join in the walk please contact me. You dont have to do the whole walk if you are not up to but can join in from anywhere along the route which can be viewed here

There has been quite alot of coverage over the last couple of days and have some people joining the walk who will also cover the story in various places. I was on Charlton Live last night speaking to Louis Mendez so please feel free to have a listen to the podcast to see why we are doing this.

Thanks again for everyone who has supported us and please feel free to message me for any information on the walk. Hopefully i will see some of you tomorrow at 9am at sidcup station. 




  • This is a great idea, I hope it all goes well tomorrow.
  • Might be a good idea to put a link to donations page
  • Great idea, all the best for it.
  • redman said:
    Might be a good idea to put a link to donations page

    Sorry i though the one i had written would link but obviously not. Thanks for pointing this out.
  • Little Bump. Lots of donations today so thank you anyone who has donated. 
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  • any pictures so far? 
  • Great effort. Nice to see. 
  • Anyone got two spares for the game? Me and my daughter are the only two on the walk without tickets. Home to watch on Valkey Pass otherwise
  • Kidbrookeaddick, hope all went well? Fundraising looks good, well done to all.
    Link to page for any latecomers:
  • Just met them 
    Good photo @Baldybonce . A nice reminder of an enjoyable walk for two great causes, and with a lovely bunch of people.
    Had a good chat with a few of the others, none more so than Steve, the Millwall fan standing behind me and my daughter on the right of the photo. He has lost 30 kilos in the last few months (four and a half stone!!). He wants to lose another twenty more so he will be fit enough to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro in 2021. Inspirational what people can do to turn their lives around, but not as inspirational as what Craig and Danny have started. This walk deserves a lot more support for the return fixture.
    It was also humbling to have a chat with Barry Mizen when we got to the Den. An absolutely lovely fella without a trace of bitterness about what happened to Jimmy.
  • Cheers @foresthillred .
    Did more people join in on the way?
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  • Two or three more joined in when we reached Lee, then a fella from an online football/sports website met us in Deptford Park for the last half a mile. Would be great to have dozens walking in April.
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