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Sports Glasses

Perhaps one for the 'You know you're an old git' thread, but I'm getting to the stage where my worsening eyesight is challenging my general lack of skill and my general lack of fitness to being the biggest impediment I face when playing football. I'm seriously thinking that before too long I'm going to have to get myself some goggles to carry on playing. I wondered if anyone else had any experience of this and perhaps even a few tips.  Specifically, as someone with astigmatism, how do I manage this? Do I just ignore the fact that my short range vision isn't great and just get distance glasses. After all I'm hoping that, barring the odd header, the closest the ball comes is to my feet. Or am I still going to need varifocals and how on earth would that work?


  • Time to become a ref instead?

    "Should have gone to Specsavers....


  • I said I was bad, not bad enough to play for Palace.
  • A good thought @Anna_Kissed. I've never had contacts because I don't like the idea of putting things in my eyes. It may be a good way to go though.
  • I run wearing glasses, but for uneven surfaces or any sport involving actual contact I would choose disposable daily soft contact lenses, just for sports. I used to be a fell runner and found my glasses were steaming up and bouncing around at speed (sadly non-achievable now), contact lenses were a great solution. Putting them in is pretty easy, sometimes harder to get out!
  • The problem is if you've got astigmatism you may need special toric contacts, and I'm not sure if you can get those as daily disposables. You certainly didn't used to, so I only used to use them when I was going out for the evening, so it didn't matter if the correction wasn't perfect. Although it did often mean the problem of getting them out when I was pissed was more prevalent than it otherwise might have been.

    @Stig, what's your prescription like? To be honest I think varifocals are likely to be overkill unless you're reffing and thus having to write down and read back who you've booked, so I'd just go with distance vision glasses/goggles.
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