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IAAF downgrading certain events

based totally on broadcasters. No evidence from paying customers who attend. Having attended athletics meetings that last 3 hours or so, certainly doesn't seem too long to me. 
Bit like cricket and the hundred. All about TV, commercials and bugger the fans 


  • No steeplechase, that'll hit the Kenyans in the pocket.
  • From what I understand from a mate who is into swimming a similar thing is happening there. The International Swimming League has introduced knock out events (skins) on short course swimming, where the slowest in each heat drops out. Time between heats is just a few minutes. This is combined with regular swims, but only up to 400m. He argued that even that took too long and took away from the "spectacle" and excitement.     
  • Bizarre and very disappointing. I remember the Triple Jump back in the days of Willie Banks, as he started the hand clapping
  • Sad they see TV as the main source of income. I think some IAAF e events will be longer and include all of the above. I remember going as a kid and enjoying every event. Fantastic value for money. 
  • 200 metres is now excluded .. I've always thought that this is a race for those not quite quick enough for the 100m and not enough stamina and puff for the 400m
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