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Vinyl to digital

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My (unused) sound system is cumbersome and not possible to move next to my home computer system. I have lots of vinyl LPs, which i would like to get into my computer. I am aware that it is possible to buy some kind of turntable that would pug into the USB port of a computer, you then play your records and they are stored in the computer (i think!). Is there a cheap way of doing this? Has anybody ever done it? Any tips gratefully received!


  • CHeap USB turntables

    They are no particularly expensive, but I have never used one. There are lots of reviews on line.
  • sometimes you have to spend a bit of time cleaning and editing the sound up on the computer after using something like this . try joining a file sharing network and get the albums that you've got that way, it can be a lot quicker
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    Hi Seth - quicker to buy the best ones on remastered CDs! (CDs are cheap as chips now) Saves buying any equipment and cleaning the sound etc.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope P is isn't too upset by our poor form! Josh has had enough!
  • hiya Chris, yep the football is heartbreaking, hope you and yours have a great break.
    As for the Music, a fair bitofmy stuff is not available now on CD, let alone a remastered, even a remastered 'Irish Heartbeat' isn't there at alone 'The Devients' or Pink Faries live!!! Buying new CD's is too expensive.
  • "'The Devients' or Pink Faries live" Blimey!!!!

    In the Covered end again tomorrow with Mark so say Merry Xmas to everyone in block G for me.
  • Neverneverland, What a Bunch of Sweeties and Kings of Oblivion are all available - remastered and with bonus tracks - to buy on iTunes.
  • As are Stray - Suicide, The Definitive Collection and Anthology 1970-1977
  • [cite]Posted By: wickford[/cite]Neverneverland, What a Bunch of Sweeties and Kings of Oblivion are all available - remastered and with bonus tracks - to buy on iTunes.

    I've got Pink Fairies 'Neverneverland' on CD.

    So it is out there.
  • It's the Faries Live at the Roundhouse I want to put on my PC, I have all the others on CD....but more mainstream stuff, like Van Morrison and the Cheiftans 'Irish Heartbeat', which only seems to be available at Amazon for a stupid price (like over 25squids) and not available at all at, there things are pretty rare, as well as my Zeppelin bootlegs and so on. I very much value all the advice posted her however, cheers folks, and happy new year.
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