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STATBANK: Blackburn Rovers 1-2 Charlton Athletic

many thanks to the 43 Lifers who gave marks, I have made a few changes for this season as there are more stats available in the Championship, I have also included a new section called "Spotlight" where I focus on a player or the match itself to give more stat info


  • After the news today about Taylor, I do not know how you keep up the energy to do all of this LL, I must admit if Taylor goes before Saturday and LB has not brought in at least 5 players including 3 strikers, I might give up on the match day thread, I could not bring myself to stay interested
  • I did the stats before the Taylor rumours, but yes I feel similar but guess it is all part of being a Charlton supporter, we even bought season tickets for this season!
  • And to be "rational" about the situation, at the moment there's no actual news about Taylor, as 95% of what's been posted is speculation and gossip. Until anything concrete happens, life goes on...
  • At least going by the form table we should win the next 5 games!
  • Great as always - thanks @lancashire lad
  • some slight inconsistency in the stats LL. Shots on 5, but 6 in the analysis by player. Similar for off 4 v 2 but not sure where the blocked shot fits in. 
  • thanks Redman - yes Lyle should have one less on target and one more off, blocked and off add up to make the "off" in the first table, I should really rename one of them as missed I suppose.
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