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Deadline day predictions

How many in?

How many out?

What time will the official twitter account announce the last deadline restricted transfer? (for clarity out of contract and loans out to L1 and below don't count) 


  • 4


  • When is it? End of August?
  • We'll sign four players... None will leave

    Last one in will be announced @ 6pm for dramatic effect
  • When is it? End of August?
    Tomorrow at 17:00, I think.
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    3 in

    2 Strikers

    Central midfielder

    None out

    Last one announced at 5.15pm

    Harriott and a RB sign as free agents in the next couple of weeks

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    Lyle 2 year deal with option of one more. Colchester FB, Parrott,  big quick CB, Harriott, JCH and I'll be a happy man.
  • 1 in

    2 out

  • Three in, none out - all done and dusted at 3.00pm
  • Lyle Out, four in. Last done at 5.45pm but necessary form sent in at 4.58pm.
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  • 3 loans in an none out. A right back will wait until January.

    Striker x 2

  • It's going to be horrible for me as i have a flight at 2.30pm so i'm going to miss the last two hours, hopefully it'll be good news when i land.
  • Lyle out.

    Field in.
    Gunter in.
    Clarke Harris in.
    Another Striker in.

    Fans feeling ‘so-so’ as the highs of loads of signings is tempered by LT stamping his feet to force a move which leaves a bad taste and ruins his legacy with us 
  • 6 in
    none out
  • 0 in
    Lyle out

    Angry mob descend on St Truiden...
  • 2 loans in
    1 sale
    1 loan out 
  • A loan midfielder
    A loan striker
    Talk of a right back free agent signing next week but it doesn’t happen
    Harriott to sign next week
    Two u23s go out on loan
  • 4 in hopefully 
    0 out (🤞🏻🙏)

  • One out all out !!
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    One out all out !!
    No Bert, you are supposed to say something like:

    Players in
    None                    [ ]
    One                      [ ]
    Two                      [ ]
    Three                   [*]
    Four or more        [ ]
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  • One out all out !!
    One out lol all out like? 
  • In: 5 Magic Beans
    Out: Duchebag
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    Left leg in!........
    Right leg out!........
  • In 5 3 Loans 2 Perm
    Out 1 Loan
    450pm 🥳

    know nothing just going to sleep with happy thoughts, rather than worry about a LT departure 🤯
  • 2 in
    1 out
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    3 in

    all described as a great fit , perfect,  just what we wanted, loyal , here cos of Lee bowyer not the money, will be assets and ensure our top half finish , talk of an outside bet for play offs 

    2 of em utter guff players no decent club want and will ensure a season of pain and a few reality checks for the delusional amongst us 

    1 decent signing , proper player has played more than 10 mins above League One and even me and golfie  are happy with

    2 out 

    30 seconds before transfer window slams shut  Lyle and fella above we have signed leaves for £50 profit .

    happy deadline day people 
  • 2 in
    lyle out
  • Disappointment
  • We'll get 3 good quality loans in nice & early and everyone will be happy.  Then, Lyle will be sold in the last 5 minutes of the window , leaving everyone angry & frustrated. 

    It's Roland after all 
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    I am going for 4 in and 1 out. I believe Lapslie and Morgan can go out on loan to Leaguec1 clubs wven after today till end of month deadline?
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Roland Out!