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RIP Justin Edinburgh

Just passed away 49, so sad R. I. P


  • Seriously? How awful! RIP 
  • Quite shocking - thoughts with his family and all at Leyton Orient. RIP. 
  • Shocking news. Thats no age at all. RIP.
  • Jesus . 1 year younger than me . Awful . RIP 
  • He died a winner.

    Shocking news, so young.
  • So sad. You really never know what's round the corner. RIP
  • Shocked.

  • RIP
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  • I saw him at a game no more than 2 months ago and he was chatting to a friend of mine. Seemed in good spirits and pushing for promotion at the time. Unbelievable to think he’s no longer alive 
  • Awful news. 
    RIP x
  • Bloody hell.  I knew he was taken ill the other week, but I had no clue it was that bad.  Deeply shocking and very sad.  RIP.  Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends 
  • How very sad RIP.
  • Shocker. RIP
    Did well with O’s and Newport too before that. 
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    Just 49 years old.
    RIP Justin Edinburgh, such a shock,
    I knew they said he had been taken ill days after going to the final in Madrid but didn't realize how serious it was.
  • So very sad, RIP Justin.
  • RIP unbelievable 
  • Terrible news - RIP
  • Dreadfull news. RiP
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  • Hard to take in. RIP and sympathy to his family and Os fans. 
  • No way! Terrible news, brought orient back from nowhere.
  • Awful news . RIP Justin; so sad 
  • My cousin is the fanzine editor at the O’s.  Had a huge heart attack by all accounts on Monday.  Clinically dead for several minutes and then fought all week in an induced coma  :'(
  • That really is very sad news - RIP
  • No age at all. This time last week he was out enjoying himself at the CL final in Madrid.

    So sad. RIP.
  • RIp Justin 
  • This is extremely sad, rest in peace Justin Edinburgh 
  • Oh my word. Rest in peace. 
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