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NEW ARTICLE: Faith, Hope and Charlton

In 75 days CAFC will reach five years of RD's ownership. These have not been vintage years.

What Roland should have done he didn't and what he might have done he couldn't. As has been said a zillion times, he bought the wrong club to start with and then proceeded to run it into the ground in a fatal combination of arrogance, ignorance and incompetence, aided and abetted by a hopelessly unqualified CEO who knew no better and a cardboard cut-out former Chairman who certainly should have known VERY much better.

Addicks didn't deserve this, be they players, coaching staff, club admin or fans. We were just the collateral damage, unwitting partners in RD's insane adventure. But what could be done, and where do we stand now?

Looking round at the CAST AGM it is clear that many talented and dedicated people are still fully committed to the club - the Faith remains as strong as ever. And having already spent years past (twice) wandering in the desert before returning to the promised land of SE7 eternal Hope still burns undiminished. At times we've had little else So, it's time for Charity to step forward.

It's no coincidence that Charlton and Charity share half the same letters. Seldom in all its years - whether good and bad - has the club shown a decent profit. No illusions there. But - as the Pompey bloke said last night, somewhere out there is our Ideal Owner, they made for us and we ripe and ready for them. Between us we can really make something special out of Charlton Athletic Football Club. Because when this club is freed it won't need a long runway to take off - it will soar like a rocket.

First, though, they have to make themselves known and to take command, show the leadership we've been missing for so long. We can make life uncomfortable for Roland, sure, but we ourselves cannot escape - we can only be rescued. Our loyalty chains us to our club, a fact RD has cynically exploited at all his clubs. We need someone to confront all Roland's obstacles and either side-step them or flatten them, it doesn't matter which, Lenny Glover or Richard Rufus!!

So come on, you new lot, we're waiting. And specifically you Aussies - it's surely time you made your move. You sound like good partners for us but now you need to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. If the hard yakka is not for you then step aside, take your losses and move on, so that others can take a seat at Roland's table. At the very least you should break this radio silence - quiet Aussies, who'd a thought it!? Time is not on anyone's side. Forty six games in our season sounds like a lot, but every single week is critical.

No time to waste - we'll do you proud if you give us the chance.


  • Lovely words written by a lovely man.

    Not sure Richard Rufus will pass the ODT, though ;-)

  • I'd like to see The Roof get the chance to give it a try, though - I've long thought his rehabilitation was overdue ....
  • Lovely words written by a lovely man.

    Not sure Richard Rufus will pass the ODT, though ;-)

    Len Glover might struggle as well.

  • Blimey - I chose a right win double!!
  • I think there are a lot of prospective owners out there, mostly bad tho and not convinced there is necessarily a right one at the price RD wants

  • It just amazes me that in all this time so many advisers, consultants etc haven't been able to piece together a deal satisfactory to all their relevant parties unless, of course, it's the Roland factor at work.

    I am really impressed, though, with Dagenham and the Os both falling to American interests. These clubs are both some way down the football food chain, but they've been sufficiently attractive to find new owners who hopefully are serious people. The Os guy Kent Teague I particularly like - I recently posted an article about him on here.
  • Nice piece.

    The Charlton charity project where the fans are "just giving".
  • I can see where your name comes from GlassHalfFulll

    Hopefully your message will not be lost in the mists of time.
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