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Ok, was wrong with this last year (just). But with players to come back we have to have a great chance.


  • The rollercoaster begins
  • Edit the thread title please, it's hurting my eyes.

  • No, leave it.
    This is our lucky Cowntdown thread.
  • Uboat said:

    No, leave it.
    This is our lucky Cowntdown thread.

    Clowntown? ;)
  • No excuses from now on. That 11 from yesterday with Fosu and Bielik who will make a great difference as well, means that anything less now than us not finishing in the top six, is a poor season from all concerned.
  • I think this is going to be a popular thread later in the season.

    We will be right up there
  • My only concern is with injuries.
    Keep this lot fit a d we are easily good enough.
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  • We have a great squad which will put us in a very strong positio n when the 2 games a week come along,no reason to believe we wont finish top 2
  • My only concern is with injuries.
    Keep this lot fit a d we are easily good enough.

    Will have more chance if Taylor's allowed to stick to scoring goals instead of racking up 100 miles in a game
  • Great squad strongest in years, needs a left back, other than that, one of the strongest in the division.

    The team spirit excellent, sometimes in life adversity can be used to good effect, siege mentality etc, however it’s been achieved great credit to Bow, Jacko, Gallen and Euell.

    For me it’s no longer about that Belgium knobend, it’s about what happens on the pitch, however, even that poisonous old Scrotum knows the Championship is worth real money to him.

    Watching the bookies drop our odds is a good indicator, we were 33/1 to win it, 18/1 this morning on Sky bet.

    If dopey bollox Rolly had stuck a couple of months losses on at 33’s he could have broke even (ish)!

    Charlton, Sunderland to go up 1st and 2nd worth a bloody fortune!


    Feck you Deuchbag!

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    What could possibly go wrong...

    On our way, on our way, you know the rest...
  • A Wembley day out awaits is my guess.
  • Always worries me that you tend to get a team that does well up until the new year and falls down the league in the new year and a team that does rubbish until January then puts in a great run of games.
    Hopefully we aren't the team that has a major dip in form! My motto is Never Get Carried Away, after all, This Is Charlton
  • I'm sorry kev but [email protected] to don't get carried away.
    The start of the season we started grant and lapslie not knowing what to expect we didn't have ward, Cullen or beilek.
    I myself with the squad we had would of been happy with a top 10 finish.
    I'm getting carried away promotion might not happen we might even finish just outside the top 6.
    But things look a lot brighter now than 6 weeks ago and I urge everyone to enjoy and get carried away.
  • With 2 defeats already recorded, we’ve got to pretty much go unbeaten until Christmas, if we want to go up as champions.
  • I could not see four wins in arow coming from our last four matches.All credit to Bowyer and his staff getting the team together to get the results which will become more important as the season goes on.
    We all have an understanding what will happen in the next transfer window if Roland is still our owner and for this reason think that once again it is just a bridge to far this season.
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  • Mostly I reckon it depends on how many players , if any , we'll lose in January.

    Hopefully none, but you can't trust the old bastard not cashing in!
  • I called it!

  • or as in KR 4..2..3..1..
  • Can we have a countdown to Wembley thread for the Checkatrade trophy?
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    CAFC 2 Doncaster 0 - 03/11/2018

    Long time since I've bumped this!!! Can things click into gear? We'll see I guess.
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    Can we have a countdown to Wembley thread for the Checkatrade trophy?

    This can be arranged if demand is sufficient. :smiley:
  • bumpety bump
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    Hopefully, we are still in the hunt for the top 2 by the time we play Gillingham away in May.

    I think we’ve got too much ground to make up for top 2, but I am certain we will be in the top 6.
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