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Les Reed speaks

Article in the Mail giving Les's point of view
For someone who found himself out of work on Christmas Eve, he's being remarkably level headed about it.


  • He is a gentleman, has class and deserved far better frankly.
  • Class act!
  • What a decent bloke. That email does him great credit.
  • Amongst all the crap there has been recently, what a cracking, refreshing read.

    YOu can see from it that it was never going to work out long-term, but what a fantastic attitude.

    As crazy as it sounds, i really hope the club wheel him out onto the pitch at some stage for a draw or something, he will get a decent ovation i'm sure
  • edited December 2006
    I think perhaps he should've been instated as caretaker manager, then would actually have had much less flak for it, and could have been retained if required, but hey what do I know??

    Perhaps not having a permanent coach would stop us being able to sign people. Perhaps we would always have needed a new body in there just before the window opens to give new hope to possible new signings anyway.

    Tough game this premiership malarky.
  • What a gentleman Les Reed is......its also nice to be reassured that the board acted properly.....shame this sort of article isnt broadcast right across the media, as there has been an awful lot of back-stabbing going on in the press of late. I heard the Alan McAnally rant the other night.....what an ar**hole.......hope he reads the article....ah....too much to ask as the reprobate probably cant read....
  • top article from a top Tel-in-Oz stated, I hope that prick McInally on sky reads it, assuming he can read.
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