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New vlog!! Crawley Town 0-2 Charlton Athletic

Another vlog for you all, this time from the midweek game vs Crawley, check it out if you're interested! Cheers everyone.


  • Great job fella!
    Enjoyed it.
  • She is gorgeous!
  • edited August 2017
    This is great. Maybe CL could add a link to his vlog. A decent amount of effort has gone into this.

    Big fan of his female assistant too. ;-)
  • Crikey you two are proper pervs (she is very pretty).
  • Seem like a good lad, good on you for doing this - distinct lack of decent Charlton youtubers!
  • He is only doing it to be in the Sidemen match next year.
  • Top man !
  • I like these videos, his girlfriend/friendzoning mate was spot on with the score despite not knowing any of the players other than Holmes and Fosu who weren't even there!

  • Nice work fella!
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  • Great video, really enjoyable stuff - especially for those expats like myself, really takes me back to going to those sort of games in the 90s.

    Mind you don't get run over whilst filming though!
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