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The Anglesey last night.

I popped into The Anglesey last night in Bromley North on my way home from work and inevitably the Olympics was on the TV.
The stadium was floodlit and near the bar were two elderlyish ladies with their husbands...One of them said..."I think those floodlights are way too bright." "Why's that her friend asked?" And she said in all innocence "Well it looks like they're all squinting to me."
Needless to say all within earshot cracked up....OK, maybe not the funniest thing you've ever heard but one of those 'had to be there to appreciate it' moments that come up once in a while.


  • Are you fairly regular in there SoundAsa?

    I went in for the first time in a while last Saturday, had a few in the Crown first. Can do a good pub crawl round there now.
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    Yes, I live not too far away..Little Chelsea as the area is known, is one of the best places (if not the best), I have ever been to for a drinking session. Away from the town centre and the 'young Bromley' set...simply a very sensible place to have a pint or two (or eight!).
    5 friendly local style pubs within a couple of minutes walk of each other and all with different atmospheres, clientelle and beers/drinks.The Anglesey is Shepherd Neame of course.
    The area is something of a 'little secret', it being tucked away down some back streets that look a little like Chelsea if you know what I mean and believe it or not, so out of the way is it, that there are even folk born and bred in Bromley who are not aware of it.
  • I would go to that area more often if it wasn't for the live bands that they have at the railway. That can be a great pub although it's gotten quite expensive since Albert and his wife left. I do need to stop drinking at the Swan, that place is so incestuous.
  • no way could you include The Railway in the Little Chelsea set's across the other side of the A21 on the main road for a start off and almost in the town centre, wheras Little Chelsea is tucked away out of sight and sound of the hustle and bustle of Bromley.
  • Spot on SoundAsa,

    I'm in between Sundridge and Bromley North, great to have all those pubs on the doorstep! The Freelands has just been done up as well, not been in there yet though. Red Lion is a favourite of mine for the ales, I don't go in the one on the corner opposite the Chinese though. Very clicky in there, it's like walking into the Slaughtered Lamb!

    If you're in The Anglesey or The Crown & Anchor and see a short arse who looks like Moby, say hello fella. I've met a few fellow Addicks on the shuttle train back from Grove Park after a game (when not driving). No Lifers as yet tho.
  • Soundas I said if it wasn't for the railway I would be there more often!
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    Oh sorry I get it...I thought you meant 'because' of The Railway you didn't 'like' to go there...doh!
    As a matter of pure coincidence our Business Post Courier driver Steve just came in here and said that his daughter is playing drums tomorrow night in of all places ...The Railway...I can't believe it!!
    She's only 12 and this is her first gig(she's doing the gig/jam session with her music teacher and a small band)...she's supposed to be very good though, so good luck to the little lass.
    I might just pop in.
    As it happens and for my sins, I am actually in the music industry.
  • That is funny soundas - Just told it to a couple of chinese colleagues and they pissed themselves - they said they always though us brits were wronguns
  • For some reason I thought you were on about the Angelsey in woolwich but then read on and there was no mention of fights, drugs or knitting ;o)
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