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Oversea's Addicks?

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering how many people on this forum are not based in the UK? I am heading to Australia for 4 months and will miss going to the valley week in week out, and wondered how people keep up to date with Charlton (highlights, live feeds etc)

Thanks for any help


  • There is definately a strong collection of ex-pat Addicks on here David. Just looking at the stats, and in the last month the forum has been read in 75 countries. US, Canada and Australia are our three most active areas of traffic outside the UK.

    TelofOz runs the Addicks Down Under group, i'm sure if you were keen he could help hook you up with a fellow Addick for a beer while you're out there !

    Have a look at the Where you live post currently stickied, and if others are reading this, add to the thread where you currently are based.
  • Thanks! will do that! shame Charlton don't do there highlights service on the website anymore!
  • The Downunder lads dont need much of an excuse to meet up for a beer David, they are scattered all over Australia. Let me know if you need any help or advice, and if not, enjoy your trip. Tel
  • Thanks! will keep that in mind! going to be based in Melbourne - i did here Valley Floyd Rd when i was out there.....well it was mull of kintyre played on the piano but made it feel like home!
  • Davd:
    if you are in melbourne contact mascot 88 who lives there.
  • Funny that, I'm also off in the near future David, 10 months relatively Valley-free, though I'm going out to Spain so not quite as far afield as yourself!

    Saturday was my first away game this season and will likely be my last until Norwich before Christmas... just two more home matches to go for a long while - seems very strange after clocking up the miles the last few seasons.
  • Reading is my last game till January! going to be strange no going to the Valley - just hope i can get the highlights on youtube and the odd radio commentary now and then! Thanks Daveroan - will do that!
  • I live out in British Columbia, Canada. Have been here for over three years and get up every saturday morning at sometimes stupid hours to follow my beloved reds!
  • David....

    Hello mate.... we have been lucky enough to have had the first three games on commnetary by some fluke from the UK, normally we shouldnt be aloud it. It seems its all or nothing.

    What a few of us do is sometime conect via MSN messneger and Yahoo, to someone who has got commentary closer to London...

    just log on here and we will fix you up if at all possible...
  • Awesome that sounds good to me! dont care what time of the morning it is! as long as i can stay in touch! how about highlights? does virgin media or sky work in oz or is it effected by being outside the uk?
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  • You won't get Virgin media or Sky unless you can use some 'hide your IP number' software. Personally I download Match Of The Day and The Championship off the internet (I suggest mininova). However in Oz they have a Monday 'Soccer Night' programme on TV showing highlights of Premiership matches (at least they did when I was there 14 years ago).
    Commentary is a real problem normally. Mascot88, myself and a few others teamed up to pay for commentary a few times last season and shared it using yahoo or msn messenger.
  • Highlights on Tuesday night in Australia is still happening, ADU members have been getting the live commentary via various sites which is an improvement on last season. Still holding out that Steve W does the business and gets live match commentary sorted by the club, albeit its all gone a bit quiet since I last emailed him 3 weeks ago when he was still negotiating to get it fixed up.
  • Tel, I had a response from Steve Waggott's assistant apologising for not replying to my email in May re internet commentary and ISC. She said he has been busy throughout the summer but they are working closely with the various licence holders to come to an agreement.
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