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Anyone been to Santorini ?

Was thinking about going in July.
Is it worth a go?
MCS need not reply!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)


  • If you mean Santorini - Greek Island - then I went last year. Very nice place, lovely scenery, not much nightlife. What sort of holiday do you want? Drinking/dancing/puking or eating/sunbathing/sightseeing - Santorini is good for the latter although I think the only nightlife is a couple of clubs in Fira. Visit the volcano, watch the sunset at Fira/Oia, climb up the mountain at Kamari and see the ancient ruins. And eat loads of lovely Greek food.
  • Cheers Wilma, have changed the spelling. only want a relaxing break of eating/sunbathing/sightseeing with the mrs. what area did you stay at?
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    I stayed in Kamari but the island is so small you can get everywhere within about 15 mins. Buses are dirt cheap and very frequent so no need to hire a car. Fira is the main town, built on the hillside overlooking the volcano. Oia is at one end and has the best sunsets. Kamari and Perissa are best for beaches; Fira and Oia are on the edge of the caldera so just cliffs there - plus more expensive as they cater for the cruise passengers. There is a very girly film called Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (!) which has lots of Santorini in it - make the Mrs watch it!!!!

    Edited to add, because the island is volcanic there are loads of wineries to vist as the soil is good for growing grapes!
  • Cheers Wilma, sounds like the place for us
  • Off tonight so speak to you all later, give the lads in the appaling kit a cheer on Wednesday for me
  • We all like a bit of Greek.....;-)
  • "Off tonight so speak to you all later, give the lads in the appaling kit a cheer on Wednesday for me"

    I will if I can be bothered to drag my arse out of The Guy!
  • Drag the guy out of your arse?????????
  • "Drag the guy out of your arse?????????"

    LOL, I'll give you a call about badminton when I get back. I'm off to Switzerland on Sunday for 2 weeks first and get back from France on 6th August.

    Have a good one!
  • you too mate
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  • A Guy at work went last year & is going out again this year to get Married out there, he thinks it's perfect for couples. Sunset to rival Ibiza's apparently.
  • shall i take your cd with me then mate?
  • [cite]Posted By: Glass half empty[/cite]shall i take your cd with me then mate?

    Ha Ha no mate don't wanna upset the locals !
  • Have a good time. I'm not jealous at all, I love rain in the summer!
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