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New Zealand Addicks

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Hi - new boy on the board here. Lifelong Charlton, and been in Auckland new Zealand for coming up to 2 years.Are there any Addicks supporters/clubs/get togethers in this part of the world? (I've heard mention of Addicks down under but wonder if they stretch out to NZ).



  • Mornin' Ginge. Whereabouts in Auckland?
  • North Shore
  • Sorry wrong button pressed - Does that mean there's more than one of me?
  • Used to live in Wellington mate - Never bumped into one other addick - We used to have that dodgy collaboration with the NZ knights didn't we? They are defunct now I suppose.
  • New Zealand Knights died and were reborn as the Wellington Phoenix. The NZ Knights played their games just around the corner from me and going to see them was like pulling teeth to be honest, Selhurst on a rainy Tuesday back in the day was like Barcelona at home in comparison.
  • I have a work colleague who's Charlton supporting brother has just moved out to NZ. I'm sure she said it was near Auckland. I've seen the photo's and he certainly lives by the beach. If he's in that neck of the woods I'll let you know.
  • KIa Ora Ginger!! welcome aboard
  • Sister in Law lives in Birkdale area.

    Love Auckland, had a good holiday there a couple of years ago - Discovered Kumara fries!
  • I have a Charlton supporting friend in the New Plymouth area.
  • I know a Charlton fan who has just given up his job and has emigrated to NZ, don't know where, goes by the name of Graham Gaskin. I'll try and get a contact number/address.
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  • You know G Dog? Top bloke, he's missed at the games.

    For the life of me, can't think where he lives now. I will come back to you on that one
  • Hello mate....yes Addicks Downunder does indeed cater for Kiwi based fans, we have a few in Auckland and another down in Wellington. Graham is a member of the forum by the way. Youre more than welcome to come and join in, 36 members on the board and another 20-odd via email. Grown tremendously in the last season as people get to hear about us.
    Dont forget to sign up, then we know who you are and then just join in...we run competitions, a superleague and generally have a good laugh. Meetings being planned for Brisbane and Melbourne at the moment, following get together's in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

    Dan.....I hope you didnt mind me posting the addy on here...if so delete it and I'll whisper to Ginger.
  • Cheers everyone
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