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***The Wednesday Lifer Challenge***

So today is the last day for orders for the current batch of Black n White Fans (Protest) Shirts. This has been an immense effort from fans giving up their spare time to try and bring this to fruition.

If you've not bought one, please consider buying one today.

If you have, please try across your social media outlets today to publicise as much today to try and boost interest.

The was wholehearted backing for the 'support the team, but not the regime' mantra and this is a brilliant way of doing so.

Every bit of profit will go to local charities and the Protest Fund. Demelza Hospice has already been chosen As a recipient.

And you can be sure these shirts will become niche collectors items in decades to come that will hold their value, so look upon it as an investment!


Can you help boost this?


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