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O2 Arena Seating

The Lass has booked up to see Simply Red in November. We have never been to the O2 and have booked seats in block B2.

Can anyone tell us if this is a good place to sit and what to expect of the O2


  • yes Dave but she puts up with Charlton so I Reckon I can put up,with this lot for 1 night
  • From what I know that's floor seating, dead centre, one block from the front, so you'll be in line with the stage but about 20 rows back
  • Hi mate, thats floor seating in the middle. So not too bad but depends on the stage set up. Enjoy the night! Probably 20-30 rows from the front.
  • yes Dave but she puts up with Charlton so I Reckon I can put up,with this lot for 1 night

    To be fair to the ginger twat, I saw him at a charity do a couple of years ago at Kenney Jones polo club. He played with Jeff Beck and a few other and he can belt out a rock song.
  • I'm not a big music fan but went with my mrs to see him at the o2 a few months back and we were in shit seats up in the gods but i'm converted in to a big Simply Red fan, he was absolutely brilliant , going to see them at Kew Gardens and she may have booked back for the o2 in nov as well
  • I've heard it can be a bit of a Roller Coaster getting to those seats... But thats life I guess
  • This is the usual set-up:

  • Floor seats eh? Clearly money isn't too tight to mention.
  • I can't believe they still have a big enough following to fill the place! Did you have to pay for the tickets?

    Saw them in Norfolk about 15 years ago do an outside gig at Blickling Hall. That was two hours of my life I'll never get back - terrible! Things you do to keep the missus happy.
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  • she paid, I'm just going for the ride :wink:
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