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Why do they keep messing about with their balls?

I haven't seen very many decent shots in this Euro tournament. Most of the long range ones baloon over the bar. I was wondering if the ball design could have anything to do with it. Adidas always seem to want to design the roundest ball, the this and that est ball. Why can't they just keep making the 1978 adidas Tango with designs to represent the country hosting like they did with Italy 90 and USA 94. I'd take the contract off them myself!


  • I have noticed that most of the shots with some power on them from outside the box have flown over the bar and I was wondering if this was something to do with the ball. Have any countries been playing with this ball all season?
  • Its all corporate bullshit isnt it!!
  • But if they are depriving us of the beauty of great goals from outside the area, it is scandalous. Could be all the players are rubbish of course!
  • Don't give Jordan Henderson excuses!!
  • If Simon Church comes on in the next round and scores a 20 yarder we'll know.
  • Ask Joachim Low
  • They have got another ball that is being used from the QF's onwards
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