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Buying tickets on Via Gogo for Euro2016

Am debating on whether to purchase tickets for the last sixteen game next Saturday from Via Gogo, taking a bit of a risk and hoping we win the group which we should do. Can anyone tell me if i would have potential problems getting into the ground with the tickets purchased from via gogo? Want to make sure before i commit on the purchase of these.

Cheers all


  • I'm considering the same. I know someone who bought off Viagogo for yesterday's game and got in ok, so presume it's alright. Pay by credit card, gives you a bit of protection.
  • We've bought two tickets for Northern Ireland against Poland. We had no troubles to get in the stadium. They didn't look at the name on the tickets.
  • Had to meet a mate inside the ground last week with a ticket that was in his name. Had no problems at all. Of the 3 matches I went to none of us were asked for ID and I didn't see anyone else getting asked.
  • You could buy multiple tickets in the ballot, so only 1 person would actually be the ticket holder. I think it's more a case of they will chase up he named person, if there's any agro from the person in said seat
  • That's made me feel a lot more confident, cheers fellas. Going to take the plunge and go for it.
  • After you've been to the game, you could try not to pay your credit card company for them, claiming you've only just found out it's illegal to sell football tickets in the UK so the transaction is not legally binding.
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