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  • He's Argentinian, anyone mentions taxes he's on his I-Phone booking an Uber!
  • Amazes me that, if convicted, someone who is literally rolling in it will try and avoid paying tax.
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    For the amount of money he actually earns, why not get the best professional accountant money can buy.

    He must earn overwhelming amounts but making your dad handle your finances is a bit strange.

    He obviously knew about it
  • Of course he won't get sent down he's the best footballer the world has ever seen and has a reputation as a good boy who's humble, keeps himself out of trouble and is the media darling
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  • He'll do a deal, give them the €4.1m and he'll walk away.

    He should pay his taxes, all be it that he has, probably, already paid more tax to the Spanish state than most fans in the Camp Nou added together, but prison for using a rubbish loophole seems a little excessive to me.
  • I thought in Spain you'd either get sent down or you could pay your way out of the sentence.

    Isnt that what Javier Mascherano did the other month?
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