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Pushing Up Daisies

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Anyone watch this excellent new series with Anna Friel? Very Twin Peaksish.
Anyway ITV in their wisdom are skipping episode 2 and going straight to episode 3 !!!!!!!!!!

Anyone know a good place online to watch episode 2 (free and in English) ?


  • Pity they're not skipping straight to the last episode!

    Missus insisted on watching it, I thought it was absolute gash.
  • Well i would have liked to have watched it but i was stll out celebrating our famous Draw with the Saints.

    Whats the point of putting it on on a saturday night.
  • Yeah daft isn't it... They say they'll repeat the series with the missing episode in at another time

    Was quite good, kind of sits there on a sliding scale of those very good slighty fantastical american dramas with a twist of humour, down the fantasy end with Desperate Housewives in the middle and the Dirty Sexy Money at the other end.

    Chuck was quite good also.
  • gave me the creeps,turned it off,scary.
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