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Words that rhyme with Roland

In the spirit of hate, disgust and unnecessary threads I thought I'd help provide some words that rhyme (or get close to rhyming) with Roland and other such topical obscenities.

This should help the freedom fighters get some hymns and placards going for tomorrow. It does depend on the pronunciation of course, but here goes:

Roland - Poland, no land

Roly - (un)holy

Katrien - again, wren, comedienne

Meihre - skier, beer, overseer

Black - sack, flack, smack

White - fight, slight, kite

Twat - rat, sprat, tin hat

Belgium - seldom, rebellion, melon

Foreigner - mourner, stormer, coroner

Troll - henry, goal, stole

No need for thanks, all part of the deal.


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Roland Out Forever!