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I've Had A Word With Tony Watt ..... Don't worry

Spoke to Tony Watt last night, told him about how it winds the fans up when he overplays it in the final third, (he needs to stop trying to be Messi on FIFA 16) and that he needs to 'see ' the pass, and play in Johann a bit more, I said there's no reason he can't fulfill his potential at Charlton and get a Scotland call up from Gordon Strachan.

He understands the fans are disappointed at the moment with the results and thinks we have the basis of a good team, but in the words of Bryan Ferry 'we need to stick together'

Also mentioned that he has 55,000 songs on his iPod.


  • How many of those 55,000 songs were Bryan Ferry songs?
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    55,000? Does he carry them around in a back up hard drive or does he have 20 iPods synced and blue toothed to each other?
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    Gutting, I've had a word with the missus, and she reckons it was a crazy dream, must be that pesky moon last night, I thought 55,000 songs was quite a bit.

    This is getting ridiculous now when I'm even dreaming about bleeding Charlton!
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