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Prediction Knock Out Cup Final/Johnstones Paint (semi final draw)

There were three replays in the Johnstones Paint competition last week and all three games went to form with Alex Wright in fine form against an unfocused Viewfinder to get a step nearer to Wembley. Tor made sure that Lewis Coaches are on their bike and Carl Leaburn rose head and shoulders above AidenTheAddick.

The results were:

Lewis Coaches (20) v. Tor (16) 2-3
Carl Leaburn (31) v. AidenTheAddick (73) 2-1
Alex Wright (5) v. Viewfinder (40) 4-0

The draw for the semis will be based on the attendances at the tonight's (Wednesday's) games as published on the BBC Football website. In the draw:

3=Carl Leaburn
4=Alex Wright

So, if the attendance at Blackburn v Liverpool is 18432, the draw would be 1v4 and 3v2. If the attendance is 17776 and the next fixture on the list is 23491, the draw would be 1v2 and 3v4. Get it? No? Don't worry, all will be revealed tomorrow.

The dates of the final stages of the competitions are as follows:

Johnstones Paint Semi Final – weekend of 11/12 April
Johnstones Paint Semi Final replays – weekend of 18/19 April
Finals of Prediction Knock Out Cup (BangkokAddick v Bosseyedduck) and Johnstones Paint – weekend of 25/26 April
Replays of Finals (if needed) – weekend of 2/3 May


  • Thanks Thai.

    Can't believe I still have a personal interest in all this!
  • LenGlover said:

    Thanks Thai.

    Can't believe I still have a personal interest in all this!

    Just to bring you back down to earth, Len, how many Johnstone Paint semi finals can you remember?
  • So, the attendance at Blackburn v Liverpool was 28,415

    Therefore, the semi final draw is:

    Tor (13) v. Alex Wright (1)
    LenGlover (16) v. Carl Leaburn (28)

    Good luck - games to be played this weekend
  • Better remember to make my entry on time. :)
  • Better remember to make my entry on time. :)

    Will it be the old problem of the pressure of going for the league and cup double?
  • edited April 2015
    By my reckoning, the semi final results of the Johnstones Paint were:

    Tor (13) v. Alex Wright (1) 4-1
    LenGlover (16) v. Carl Leaburn (28) 1-3

    Congratulations to Tor and Carl Leaburn who will contest the final in 2 weeks' time.
  • Disappointed not to make the final, it's a long time since i've been to Wembley :)

    Well done @Tor
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