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charity white collar boxing

Good evening everyone I would like to tell you about me doing this event in Maidstone on 3rd May. This is an ambition of mine to get in the ring but not only am I doing this for myself I am doing this for cancer research.if there is anyone that would like to support a fellow charlton fan by coming to watch or even donating please contact me or use my just giving page.many thanks in advance my fellow lifers


  • Let me give you a bit of background behind me doing this.with my 30th birthday just around the corner I popped round to see my mum to find her in pain and struggling to breath I tried to get her to go to the doctors but her being stubborn she wouldn't so in the end I made her go.i was thinking it was just an infection or something along those 2 or 3 days down the line it's my 30th birthday party my mum phones just before it starts and says that she won't be there coz they are keeping her in to do some more tests and to enjoy my party and not to worry about her.well I took her word for it and got more than morning waking up with the worst hangover of my life I realised my wife wasn't in bed next to me so I phoned her to see where she was.she was at the hospital with my mum and my mum had asked her to come and get me and pick my brother up from thinking everything was ok because she had told me not to worry the night before we walked in and sat with her that was when she told us she had cancer.our world just fell down.a few weeks went by trying to get our heads in the right place I had a phone call from my dad (my mum and dad split up just before my 13th birthday)he said he wanted to come and see me he had something to tell me and at the time I thought he had won the lottery or something like that.well he turned up at my house laughing and joking sitting in the garden having a chit chat he said I don't know how to tell you this with all you have to deal with with your mum but I have cancer as well.i just didn't know what to do I just went upstairs and sat on my bed thinking waht has my family done to deserve within the space of a month both my mum and my dad had been diagnosed with cancer.
    As a family we muddled along chemo for my mum and my dad had to have an operation but due to the great work of cancer research they both got a cure my dad's a bit better than my mum's he had his kidney removed and got the all clear where my mum had stage 4 cancer so it was a bit more complicated but with her fight and the help from cancer research and the hospital she got the all after that my life started to get back on track until my uncle found out he had the same cancer as my dad but he wasn't so lucky they didn't catch it in time and was fighting a losing battle which very sadly he lost (that hurts to much to give to much detail so ill leave it there).so I felt me and my family had had to deal with more than our fair share of heartache in them few years until it struck us again my younger brother who some of you may know gary went for a routine doctors appointment coz he found a lump the doctor told him it was nothing to worry about and sent him home he decided to get a second opinion and was sent to hospital for tests to be told he had testicular cancer and in the morning he was going to have an he has been my best mate since the days when I used to sit on my seat on top of his pram so this was another massive blow to me but yet again with all the help from cancer research he got the all clear.i know most of you won't know me but I'm sure a lot of you will have gone through something close to this as this is every families worst nightmare and this is a horrible disease so please take the time to have a look at my just giving page and not only help me reach the goal I have been set but help raise as much money to keep these good outcomes a possibility for other families many thanks my fellow lifers
  • Its a c*** of a disease Dan. I lost my father last year due to it.
    Good luck with the fundraising.
    My £50 is winging its way over.
  • Thank you mate that's very generous
  • Robbo are you at the valley next home game I wanna buy you a drink
  • put it in your charity pot.
  • You have really made my day mate
  • Was hoping this might have seen a bit more daylight than it presently has, so may bump it a couple of times, in hope.
  • Thanks mate I thought that
  • All the best Dan great cause.
  • Cheers mate
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  • Just an update people iv been training and dieting for a week now and trust me for a fat boy it's bloody hard.thank you to @Robbo on the wing for donating £50 that was very kind (my just giving page is at the top of the page)I have tickets for sale at £20 each there will be a minimum of 10 fights on the night it should be a cracking night out and it's the day before bank holiday Monday so beer will flow.if anyone would like to cheer on a fellow charlton fan contact me for more information thanks for reading coyr
  • That's a rough ride mate, will knock some money over. Whereabouts are you training for it?
  • edited March 2015
    Very kind mate thank you
    I'm doing the training in Maidstone but I'm doing running round my in Sittingbourne.(I'm so out of shape shin splints are killing)
  • Thank you to @Carter for sponsoring me it means a lot
  • a story that could be about any family sad sad bstd disease

    good luck donated
  • My mate runs swale gloves if you could do with some local training
  • a story that could be about any family sad sad bstd disease

    good luck donated

    So true mate thanks for the donation
  • Carter said:

    My mate runs swale gloves if you could do with some local training

    Is that john
  • My kids did start going there but got lazy can you inbox me his number please
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