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Parking for Charlton

Quick question if anyone can help... Whenever I've parked at Charlton Ive always left the car beyond Charlton House and have walked up and down the hill.

My partner now comes to the games with me yet has seriously struggled walking up the hill after the games because she has muscle problems... I want to try and park down the bottom off Woolwich Road somewhere but not sure which roads your allowed to park down.

Any advice would be much appreciated?


  • Can't remember the name of the road mate but if you go down the main road away from the Antigallican towards Erith there is a road off on the left immediately after a closed down pub with an African supermarket on it. My mate parks there every week. It's ten minutes walk across the road and over the railway line crossing to the ground.
  • I think its Eastmore street
  • Eastmoor St is where the club was formed so you'll be walking in the steps of our original team.
  • Eastmoor street or Westmoor street next turning
  • Cool cheers all... Can you usually get parked down there if arriving just after 2pm?
  • I wouldn't leave it any later but you should be ok.
  • Now everyone knows! I'm on my way.
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