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Wacky Races Quiz

How many of the 11 teams can you name without using goggle or other search engines.

(Quiz inspired by Keith Allen on Robin Hood last Saturday when he uttered the line completely straight faced "Catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon now")


  • the anthill mob
  • I saw that..i wonder how many takes that took to get right.

    This all i can remember

    Peter Perfect
    Prof Pat Pending
    The Anthill Mob
    Penlope Pitstop
    The Arkensaw Chugabug
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    Sligh brothers sp
    creepy coup
    professor Pat Pending
    red baron
    penelope pitstop
    surplus special
    anthill mob
    arkansaw chuggerbug
    peter perfect
    dick dasterdly & mutley
  • 01 - The Boulder-mobile - driven by the Slagg brothers Rock and Gravel, who were apparently based on Captain Caveman, another cartoon character. The car is a giant rock which is never capable of particularly astonishing speeds, yet they often succeeded by sheer determination and momentum.

    02 - The Creepy Coupe - driven by the Gruesome Twosome, Big and L'il. Their car is basically a giant haunted house, with a dragon living in the tower which occasionally flaps its wings and flies them into the lead. They bear more than a passing resemblence to The Addams Family.

    03 - The Convert-a-car - driven by Professor Pat Pending. The ingenious Professor has a truly extraordinary car: it is capable of flying, walking and transforming itself into any shape imaginable at the touch of a button.

    04 - The Crimson Haybailer - driven by the Red Max. Based on the Red Baron, the infamous German flying ace of World War I, the car is actually a World War II biplane, painted bright red with a machine-gun on the front.

    05 - The Pink Compact aka The Compact Pussycat - driven by Penelope Pitstop. The heiress has a pretty pink car, but don't be fooled - she can drive as well as anyone. The car has countless amazing contraptions which keep her looking glamorous while she keeps both eyes on the road. She also has the advantage of having two teams perfectly willing to rescue her: Peter Perfect and The Ant Hill Mob.

    06 - The Army Surplus Special - driven by Meekley and Sarge. Well, actually Meekley does all the driving, while Sarge looks out of the top shouting orders. The car is a tank, complete with cannon and caterpillar tracks.

    07 - The Bullet Proof Bomb - driven by The Ant Hill Mob, consisting of Danny, Ring-A-Ding, Kurby, Rug-Bug, Benny, Mac, Clyde and Willy. They are diminutive Chicago gansters who, as well as having a race to compete in, have the added distraction of rescuing Penelope Pitstop and evading the police.

    08 - The Arkansas Chug-a-bug - driven by Luke and Blubber Bear. This car amazingly manages to keep pace, which, considering it's powered by a very old steam boiler, is impressive. Luke barely bats an eyelid at anything, while Blubber bear is a permanent nervous wreck.

    09 - The Turbo Terrific - driven by Peter Perfect, the one with the ego. He's always on the lookout for an opportunity to rescue Penelope Pitstop and impress her with his good looks and charm. He's basically a caricature of every square-jawed hunk anywhere.

    10 - The Buzz Wagon - driven by Rufus Ruffcut, assisted by Sawtooth the beaver. This car has circular saws serving as wheels, and is made of wood, to drive the point home that Rufus is a tough lumberjack. It doesn't do to mess them about, as they get rather irritable.

    00 - The Mean Machine, driven by Dastardly and Muttley the dog. Dick Dastardly is the baddie of the series, and the only one who resorts to cheating. His wicked schemes are always foiled at the last minute, causing him to let out his trademark curse of 'Drat, drat and double-drat!' to the sound of his sidekick Muttley's characteristic wheezing laugh. The Mean Machine is impressive to behold: it has rockets at the back, and spikes on the wheels. It also has a nasty point on the front, just to make it look as menacing as possible.
  • Slow day at work Henry?
  • [cite]Posted By: BDL[/cite]Slow day at work Henry?

    Very. Never get much work in December.
  • Catch the pigeon....
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