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Poetry Corner

edited December 2007 in Fun, Jokes & Captions
A Charlton fan born and bred
On scarlet foods I was fed
Until one day I was totally red
I wonder if I've been misled
Each night from sleep I did fled
A Killer duvet upon my bed
It scared me sh*tless it must be said
The graven image in my head
I saw him once in the med
I ran screaming "he isn't dead"
Away in a special coat I was led
I've still got a ticket though, in row Zed!


  • Very good Sco - now get yourself to the Dr's for a bit of help!! .........
  • Just thought I'd post something other than a moan up here!

    Come on people, cheer up!
  • that is so crap
    it deserves a clap!
  • [cite]Posted By: Al the Addick[/cite]that is so crap
    it deserves a clap!

    Al you're a poet and you just don't know it
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