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  • I really can't see anyone in the Prem coming in for any of our lot and those that would be interested would be the relegation mob (Derby, Wigan, Boro, Fulham) anyway so why would you leave?

    Reid might attract some interest but only from the above four, we sold our Premiership class players in the summer (D. Bent, M. Bent, Herman and Young) or released them from loans (Carson and Song), so there is nothing left to buy.

    Nobody wanted ZZ in the summer and I doubt that has really changed, Varney has not even proved himself at this level yet and Semedo has potential but does not look Premiership class to me at this stage.
  • True lets hope we dont lose to many
  • YAWN......they obviously had some space to fill !
  • if he thinks Varney's that good PLAY HIM
  • What people are forgettin is the board may need to raise money.
  • be great if reid and thomas went for big money and two creative midfielders brought in instead!
  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]What people are forgettin is the board may need to raise money.

    correct. Though who would attract decent bids is questionable.

    Ambrose, possibly Holland or McLeod are the only obvious 'outs' to me, and in McLeod's case it would depend on Pards getting the striker he wants.
  • I think McCarthorse is likely to go myself....just hope we can scrape something of a fee...Ambrose looks far too comfortable sitting on the bench. I dont think Reidy is quite as good as everyone thinks at Prem level...Im sure someone would have him, but it will be someone in the bottom 6. If we got a good fee, then take it...theres others out there who are hungry for a place....
  • Reid is likely to play the same against any level of side, his main problems are consistency and injuries. He was Eire's best player in many of their Euro qualifiers, and played well for Spurs when fit. Hope we keep him. Holland seems to be a Pardew favourite, likely to see his final year out in the hope of another deal. Ambrose, Thomas and McCarthy most likely to go.
  • had completely forgot Paddy Mac even existed !
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  • I think this is Pards at his best. Anticipating the position the club may find themselves in and the pressure that may come his/their way

    a) it helps the board to weigh up in advance the pros and cons of serious money approaches for some of our players
    b) it shows the board that he is pro-active in identifying potential replacements now for players targetted
    c) it gives the fans an insight into the pressures which may come our way and helps to manage expectations
    d) it warns players and their agents that they will not be dealing with a club who do not have a plan for dealing with such pressures. This maximises our bargaining position with potential suitor clubs

    As regards players we want to keep that may be approached. Well the obvious ones are Reid, Thomas, Semedo, Varney and ZZ. Of those, I suspect that Thomas is the most likely to go. ZZ has a work permit problem I believe which means he almost certainly cannot play for another club, Reidy, I think owes us a season and will stay. I can't really comment on the others but I can't see us selling any of them unless we are offered serious money for them. You can't rule out completely, us selling because the financial clout of the Premier League can pull players out of any 2nd tier club if the offer is high enough.
  • I disagree completely, this sounds more like we are touting our players, either that or some lazy journo picking up a quote to make a story out of nothing. It's stating the bleeding obvious either way.
  • Well said bing, agree with your view on it
  • What about Iwelumo - now a Scottish (B) International? Vulnerable?
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