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  • Woe, that's amazing news.

  • Brilliant and well deserved.
  • Fantastic news and well deserved.
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    What fabulous news to brighten an otherwise crap day on the CAFC front. Well done Jason and all of the Community Trust.
  • Fantastic news and well deserved.
  • Absolutely brilliant to see his many, many years of work in the community recognised like this. Thoroughly well deserved.
  • So proud - well done!
  • Great stuff, congrats
  • good news, Jason is one of the good guys :)
  • Excellent news. Well done Jason and everyone else in the community trust who help Charlton fans feel the pride we do. This news just reinforces what a brilliant job you all do. Thank you
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  • Very good news for all concerned and some much needed good publicity for the club.
  • More than 20years? Definitely well deserved.
  • That's fantastic!
  • Something news worthy,real, not speculation and truly well deserved. Jason Morgan laid on work experience for my niece about 15 years ago. She spoke well of him then,good to see the man get recognition for all his efforts over many years.

    Nice pitch in the picture, Photoshopped?
  • Fantastic news!

    Many congrats, Jason.

    A well deserved honour indeed.
  • Congratulations Jason!
  • Well done!

    Am I right in thinking he's been at the Club over 20 years? Only I'm sure it was him who represented Charlton when the Football in the Community scheme got involved in out mini league we had going over Cox Mount. That must've been 22 years back
  • Excellent news - well done to him. One area of the club which is going from strength to strength.
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  • Top stuff. Well done Jason.
    Makes you proud to be a Charlton supporter.
  • That is amazing! We should all try and leave a comment underneath so he sees them.

    What an honour for him.
  • Well done Jason all the hard graft was worth it.
  • Brilliant news and so very well deserved. Very nice person too.
  • Wonderful to see Jason's work and leadership recognised.Many congratulations.
  • Dear God! Can't believe it's over 20 years. I can actually remember that job being advertised when it first came up.

    Thoroughly deserved honour for Jason and a fantastic acknowledgement of the work he and his team have put in over the last 2 decades. Rightly lauded worldwide and something we can and should be proud of.
  • Well done Jason, richly deserved.
  • Congrats.
  • Well Deserved
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