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Ipswich Town cash injection

If you watch the BBC report you will hear them say that nobody really knows who Marcus Evans, the businessman to whom Ipswich have sold a 'majority stake,' is.
Marcus Evans is a businessman who began as a ticket tout. This illegal business developed into a multinational company and the reason you will never see his picture or see him speak in public is because he knows nobody likes him. He lives in a tax haven and in my opinion everyone who has had the misfortune to meet him thinks he's an arsehole.
Ipswich Town fans are welcome to him: I certainly wouldn't be happy if he had a stake in our club. In fact I think it would kill a greater part of my love for Charlton.


  • didn't know that.
  • bothered to be honest.

    It does puzzle me how these teams like QPR and Ipswich are getting these cash injections. Surely we as a club are just as attractive an option to invest in.

    Good ground sound financial record - good area etc.
  • Well, you learn something new everyday.

    You will never find a picture of him - anywhere. Not even in his company material. He is such a recluse (or 'private man' as the BBC put it) that even for company meetings he rushes in from the airport and is whisked back off again. Is he hiding something? Other than being a secret Ipswich fan? Probably, because everything's illegal, sorry, secretive with him.

    I wonder if he'll wear a mask if Ipswich are live on TV.
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