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What a crappy day ...

... literally.

Charlton lose, England lose - and I've got the two bob bits!


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    "what a crappy day"... my sentiments exactly

    poor game, poor atmosphere, poor price, poor journey, poor rugby, poor bloody everything!
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    Lets hope Lewis can make a bit better
  • Yes the day had to be completely crap. We lost at rugby league as well.
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    queens 11 ????
  • [cite]Posted By: Ledge Knows[/cite]queens 11 ????

    The Huns...
  • Great afternoon of telly comming up later.....formula 1(common lewis), top gear, the contender (english bloke fighting this week. motd2.

    The mrs will have the right hump later!
  • Very poor day, without doubt the worst away atmosphere I've ever experienced (due to the stand they gave us, I like their set up with home fans behind both goals). We didn't show up. There was no upset in the rugby, but at least the tims got a good beating!
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: BlackForestReds[/cite][quote][cite]Posted By: Ledge Knows[/cite]queens 11 ????[/quote]

    The Huns...[/quote]

    That post should be deleted disgraceful
  • Yesterday was rubbish. I really doubt i will ever go back to Wolverhampton..
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