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Don't know if any of you have tried this.

Basically, It uses google maps and drops you in a random place anywhere in the world that has been covered by a "street level" map. By travelling around and looking for clues, such as landmarks, street/town names (or even as I managed to do, I saw a website address on a business, so looked it up). Basically, by any means, try to locate your location as accurately as you can, scoring more points the closer you get. I've been as close as 0.01km and as far away as some place in southern Argentina, when if fact, it was in portugal.

I'm currently struggling to find my way around thailand (worked that much out by a flag) in some remote village...........................



  • Have a good trip.
  • Wow this is really interesting, having just tried it for 15 minutes I feel like travelling the corners of the world! :) My closest one yet is 7,29 km from a location in Miami. I have already seen some very cool stuff, I love it, thanks for sharing. Can I ask you what your 0,01 km location was?
  • It was in Norway. After roaming for a few minutes, I came across a shop (whose name happened to contain the name of the town), I then looked it up on google, then the map and found the exact location I was standing in. Some not always that easy though. The U.S can be a right pain in the arse in certain areas, as they were filmed a few years ago, and back then they didn't take so many pics per second and the pixel rate is pretty bad making signs near on impossible to read, but this adds more of a challenge..................
  • Just back from the Italan Alps. Brilliant. This will help the closed season fly by
  • You missed with 0.263 km which gave 6457 points. Kazan, Russia
  • I've got Santa's House
  • Just ended up in Rikuzentakata. Unbelievable... have a look on Google Maps.
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    It's too easy to guess the bored very quickly.
  • Best one is now at the Congo River Rapids rafting ride in Busch Gardens Amusement Park in Tampa Bay - 0.354 km from the location
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    Just ended up in Rikuzentakata. Unbelievable... have a look on Google Maps.

    Wow, that is really sad. All those piles of metal, wood and concrete. Must have been strange to end up a place like that, you can really see something totally devastating has happened.
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  • Got a place on the island of Amami, in the middle of nowhere
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    This is brilliant, I just got within 0.419km of a remote town's investment group in Canada. Now I've been dumped in what I think is an aquarium somewhere in Asia.
  • 0.070 km away from a creche in Rio de Janiero
  • For a quick game, on each location you can only rotate the camera, but can't move back or forth, then try to guess the country/area just from what you see. I just tried and got 4/5 countries correct (opting for Ukraine instead of Russia), but all were pretty far out on the actual location............
  • Tough game Tango, 3/5 in the end, guessed Australia, New Zealand, Poland, USA, Saudi Arabia, answers were Australia, Australia, Poland, USA, USA!
  • First couple of goes I had to guess - had the countries right but not very close. First one was a motorway service station in Japan so hardly any signs in western alphabet and then when I went out onto the motorway most of the photos were taken in the dark and had terrible resolution. Second one I got dumped in a village in Brazil - one road in and out and the google street view ended about a mile outside the village on each side - only one sign in the village for an infant school with the same name as about 200 others and a motel on the outskirts which looked suspiciously like a brothel! Knew it was Brazil though because the signs were in Portugese.

    Third one though I got 0.002km away and 6479 points! Got dumped on the sea front in Peurto Vallarta in Mexico. Looks lovelly, but very touristy so there were loads of restaurants etc I could google.
  • Got 3 out 5 playing Tango's short game. Got 2 x USA and one in Sweden right (total fluke after I got dumped in the middle of a pine forest). Thought Norway was Newfoundland and Brazil was South Africa.
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    Looks like good time waster at work but doesn't really work on phone unless you can make map bigger , or am I being thick?
  • I just got the North Side of The Golden Gate bridge
  • Was just about to start an essay on Latin America until I saw this, thanks a lot!
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  • What a brilliant game. Geography was always my favourite subject and I love looking at maps.
  • Sounds good but I can't get it to open.
  • God, that's hard!
  • Love it!
  • After loads of awful goes, being thousands of miles out and being wrong by whole continents I've just got to within 0.03km. Very lucky though, it landed right outside Sheringham railway station in Norfolk.
  • Just ended up in Rikuzentakata. Unbelievable... have a look on Google Maps.

    Jesus. The fact the cars are dumped on every corner shows you how much of a mess it must have been.
  • Ha, ha. Second go it comes up with the hotel in Miami we stayed in! Result = 0.01km
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    Just got 0.06km away, was lucky enough to land right outside the main chair lift up to a ski resort in Wyoming.

    Then straight away got the Aussie outback, so hard!
  • Good innit :0)
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    Just got 0.015 km - Kinnaird Head, Fraserburgh.
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