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before all the abuse of flat caps and whippets its for old man sport 35 yrs old.just wondering if there are any charlton fans that race pigeons or no anyone that does.i no pigeon racing is not seen by the public as a sport.but over the world now more and more people are taking it up.atb tony


  • My grandad (rip) used to have some of The best birds in the country if not Europe. He had tons of trophies and medals etc.and raced from Northumberland Heath
  • I tried it but made my arms ache
  • Me old neighbour, Billy Skinner use to race em, had loads!
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    Remembered this from primary school....

  • I used to keep fan tail pigeons when I was a kid. Entered a couple of shows but just did it for my own enjoyment. Loved my birds.
  • Can't beat a nice looking fan tail AUN pal, jokes aside.
  • We will need the pigeons to defeat those pesky foxes and moles if AUNs cats dont eat them
  • there a new thing now called a one loft race.were you breed a pigeon send it off to a loft in south africa were its trained and a few races then they have a final race.were the winner gets a millon dollars.and if you win any of the training races you get a does cost £700 to enter your bird could get lost or eaten by hawks.
  • Our ducks hate pigeons, chase them all over the garden. One cheeky fecker used to walk up and down outside their pen whilst they went berserk trying to get to it. They got so frustrated they used to attack each other.
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  • BIG_ROB said:

    Can't beat a nice looking fan tail AUN pal, jokes aside.

    I know mate, if I had the space I'd consider getting some more. Used to spend hours with them.
  • We will need the pigeons to defeat those pesky foxes and moles if AUNs cats dont eat them

    Haha leave my cats out of it, they're innocents in all this.
  • I watched a fella up epping forest every sunday let 20 or so go for about a month in the end we used to go for a bite to eat in the little burger bar and within a couple of hrs they would come back

    The bloke was great to talk to and his love of his pigeons was brilliant

    Then he got sick and told me he was giving it all up after 30 yrs of racing them

    One day i turned up and there was loads of the pigeon fellas up there letting doves go

    Turns out he had passed away within a month of him telling me but i had a great insight into it and was really intrigued by it all

    One of his birds vinnie jones bought for 30k as a tiny chick and he said he had one that was worth 3 x that amount he couldve been bull shitting but he was such a nice bloke

    Uts an interesting past time , which seemed quite competitive
  • nice story there.there is lots of big name people who keep pigeons mike tyson.the queen.ducan ferguson.gerry francis.the only problem is money.its going to spoil it there was a bird a few months a go sold for £370.000 they was paying for the breed
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    Where's ole norvern lardie OP when you need her? Months stalking CL and chipping in when we don't want her and then when a topic comes up that she will understand the ins and outs of nothing...
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