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XBox 360 ... Is it much Cop?

My youngest lad , bless him is banging on about getting an Xbox for Christmas, (peer pressure at school , his mates have got one) i've never had one before , been more of a Sony guy , are they any good , and are there any pitfalls to avoid , good games out at the moment , i'm a bit out of my depth on this one , and trying to persuade him we don't need one , but kids are persistent blighters , any help much appreciated!


  • Great value and a better package price considered if you arent bothered aboit bluray or online gaming. On ps3 you get free online play, xbox you get free game updates etc. but have to buy a subscription to play games online. If neither of the above are a concern buy an xbox every time.
  • Get Xbox
    Pay 35quid for online (p/y)
    Buy Fifa/Cod/BF annually
    Sorted till next gen comes out
  • My son loves it but he saved up to buy his own. His mates with other formats seem to prefer Xbox. No idea why on technical side but seems the most popular hence the one easiest to share etc
  • Get it with a Kinect, great family fun at Xmas without having any controllers

  • Get it. As above I buy 1 game a year, cod then u can also download loads of free demos to see if they are worth purchasing, u will need to get the gold membership as well, which costs between 30 and 40 depending on what deals are around. Never looked back myself.
  • Made by Bill gates, nuff said......................
  • If you ring Microsoft direct you can get the gold membership for £24 a year
  • Fanboys get obsessed with one or the other. In truth there's not much between them. As Isaw says if he wants a bluray then the PS3 is the one that does that. The Xbox is better online, but has an annual cost. If most of his mates have an Xbox then that probably makes the decision if he wants to play online with them.
  • Thanks for all your feedback , very helpful!
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  • What Mortimerician said.

    I do think the XB is value for money online. As an XB fanboy I don't understand why anyone would choose PS3 (apart from Blu Ray). Always struck me as the Ford Escort of gaming. Solid, dependable, loads of people have one, but ultimately, a little bit cheap (in terms of the interface and those horrible, horrible controllers!).

    Also, Microsoft are intent on wringing every last bit of tech they can out of it before launching their next gen, so it'll be around for a good while yet.
  • Played both Xbox and PS3 many times, Xbox is deffinately the better console, that's if you want to pay the 40 quid a year fee. Apart from the annual subscription it blows ps3 away
  • xbox's are better, but i do rate the fact my flatmate's ps3 is also a bluray player. Cant wait for the next gen xbox which should be on shelves in the next couple of years.
  • Both the PS3 and Xbox have up and downs but if his mates are on xbox get him that, What makes either console better is if your mates have got it or not.
  • If you ring Microsoft direct you can get the gold membership for £24 a year

    really - what's the number please?
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