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USA Addicks

I'll throw my hat in the ring. I know there are quite a few ex-pats spread around this place. There are others that comment on my blog,, that are actual Yanks, who have somehow become Addicks. Yet to meet any in the flesh though and mostly get a look of bewildement when I repsond to "which soccer team do you support?"


  • you going to the celtic game tomorrow?
  • Sorry Vancouver. A bit late with this one. Nope, didn't go but did go to the Fire v Crew match recently. Wanchope made his debut.
  • edited August 2007
    No worries mate. I follow the whitecaps over here and they haven't won in 11 games - Champions last year - Shit this year. It's not too bad as we stand behind the goal and give the opposite goalie abuse. Last week we played Puerto Rico (ridiculous distances) and the goalie was on a driving ban so we sang "Does your mummy drive you home" for 45 minutes whilst drinking copious amounts of booze. I don't think the "soccer moms" knew what was going on.

    Still not Charlton though
  • It won't ever be Charlton will it? The Chicago Fire are currently getting 20,000 odd for games due to the Beckham factor and their very own Beckham-esque signing of Mexico's Cuauhtémoc Blanco.

    The standard is shocking, so I can't think what its like in the USL. I can imagine its a laugh though.

    Do you get over for many CAFC games?
  • ChicagoAddick - Re USL standard, its not too bad as long as your expectations are low. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.
    Vancouveraddick - I go to the odd Whitecap games but take my 7 year old son. We have watched with amusement your antics behind the goal.
  • I've been to a couple of NE Revolution games and I would compare it to 2nd Div....I did meet a couple of Addicks during the World Cup in 94 but yet to meet any around here in Connecticut. I get home once or twice a year. Was at the Fulham game over Xmas (we wuz robbed!!!). There is a NY addick as well. We should start a US Supporters club all 4 of us sorry US &Canada....
  • Thanks pjs35.

    CT - I think NY Addick has a couple of others that he sees when watching matches on TV. There does only seem to be me in Chicago, although I do know of someone out in Illinois.

    Re the USL, that is a good point about expectations. I enjoy watching my parents local team when I am home, Eastbourne Borough for the same reasons.
  • Chicago addick my father played for the Sting in the nasl in 1975 he was the addicks assistant manager in the 80's, been back to the windy city since and worship the place coming back next year if you e-mail be I can tell you my Chicago story, cheers.
  • Hi Chicago, you assumed right about my father but it's a different Eddie May at Falkirk !!

    I did e-mail my story of me and Chicago last week, maybe you didn't get it, I received yours last night and was made up.

    The windy city is a place very close to my heart so if you can e-mail me again to confirm that you did not get it I will be only too pleased to tell you the story again.


  • Just re-sent my story to you ChicagoAddick, it's a long one!!

    e-mailed it at 23.20hrs our time which I guess would be 17.20hrs in the Windy city, hope you enjoy it.


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