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League 2 Play-Off Final (CAFC v CTFC)

What do we think then guys?
As a local Lad i'm going for a 2-1 Cheltenham Victory!


  • As a local also 1-0 Cheltenham, would be nice to see them back in league 1.
  • Cheltenham for me too, one of three league grounds that I have played on, it was back in 1976 though!
  • CAFC because ... they are CAFC
  • As local lad im for Dugdale to score first and Crewe to win 2-0
  • what a goal nick powell
  • What a goal from powelly sign him up he is mustard
  • Wow. Great goal. Crewe 1-0up.
  • CAFC because ... they are CAFC
  • fecking hell off the bar for chelts
  • already this is twice the game compared to yesterday's non event
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  • Good game this!
  • What a player Nick Powell is!! Future England regular
  • McGlashan looks like the player Lloyd Sam should have become .. i.e. brave, quick and direct
  • Nick Powell's goal was one of the best strikes ive ever seen at wembo! I wonder if he is related? lol
  • cheltenhams finishing has been dire
  • what a bloody clearance
  • Been a brilliant game! Great advert for League 2, which is more than can be said for yesterdays game...
  • that mcglashan has zero end product
  • Haven't watched it but watched the semis and would be cheering on crewe. All kids and play some good football.
  • 2 nil crewe good goal moore
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  • Both teams play good football cheltenham should have been home and dry but for poor finishing and some great goal line clearances , crewe seemed to absorb pressure for a while acnd then just step up a gear great game this really enjoyed it
  • Crewe promoted to L1.
  • Royally pissed off reading this having sat through yesterdays dross, gave todays game a miss and sounds like I dropped a boo-boo..............................
  • But at least you could sit in the garden sunning yourself.

    That's not a bad way to spend a Sunday.
  • But at least you could sit in the garden sunning yourself.

    That's not a bad way to spend a Sunday.
    Not with my fair complexion. I hide away in the shade in fear of turning into a crisp.................... :-(
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Roland Out!