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anyone from Australia

I have seen no one has used this topic so i thought i would be the first, ;-)
so who lives in Aus and where ?


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  • I'm from Blacktown in Sydney mate
  • lol, leave it for serious posts now please. cheers
  • Yes, I live in Ormiston, QLD. About 40 mins drive southeast of Brisbane.
  • Mascot - Melbourne
    Leefender - Perth
    AndyHS - Melbourne
  • where's ausralia?

    **runs around naked with only his pedantic hat on**
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]where's ausralia?

    **runs around naked with only his pedantic hat on**[/quote]
    sorry mate ,'t' get stuck on this keyboard unless you hit it hard it wont type
    need a new keyboard really but just can not be bothered as the kids will break that as well
  • i'm presuming Tel-in-Oz is from down your way as well !!
  • Yeah Im based in Avalon north of Sydney and Sevenoaks in Kent I split my year between the two countries....a founder member of "Addicks downunder" We have been formed for just over a year.....if anyone else wants to join us, please get in touch.
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  • As stated by AFKA, I am here, In Sydney at the moment but in the navy so move between there and Perth.
  • Terry - did you ever live in Manly back in early 90's?
  • I'm in Perth in early Feb 08 and Sydney in late Feb 08. If anyone wants to meet up for a natter about Charlton we'll be up for that. In between we'll be visiting Darwin,Alice,Adelaide and the Sunshine Coast if anyone else is around those areas.
  • Curb mate, the only Charlton fan I know in Manly is a bloke called Tom Bryan. Large Addick...Lee is always up for a beer :-) he's in Sydney at the moment....Lorraine is based in Adelaide and the Two Tones are both based in Brissie...not far from the Sunshine coast.

  • there are two VERY larger than life charlton supporters living in the Manly area from back in the day. Mid-40's.
  • Hi,
    I'm here in sunny Queensland. Well actually it's bloody freezing at the moment! I'm on the Sunshine Coast near Coolum beach.
    Tony, I only saw your messages last week. I'll be in touch soon. Been really busy since getting back.
  • Curb It.....Tom would be in his mid to late 40's

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    I asked cos there ws a fella who used to bowl about Manly when i was there in 1990 - Top tel his name and he was a local bexleyheath lad. I thought it would be funny if you were the same person.

    mind you most of the blokes i knocked about with were scousers and mancs, drank in the round bar at the Steyne.

    you're lucky to live where you do. been a few times and lived in Manly for a year in 93/94. Big deep sigh.
  • Nah not me mate.....spent my teenage years in Welling, so not far from Bexleyheath....theres a lot of Scousers around Manly and Cremorne.....not sure why they all congregate there, some nice pubs though....if you ever come back over, let me know and we can have a beer.....just bought back a memory of watching the fish over the side of the ferry wharf.....nice one!

  • [cite]Posted By: queensland_addick[/cite]Hi,
    I'm here in sunny Queensland. Well actually it's bloody freezing at the moment! I'm on the Sunshine Coast near Coolum beach.

    freezing.. get real mate.. i used to live in queensland its hardly a winter... try melbourne proper cold here in the last couple of days....

    and whos Andy HS?
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  • I'm in Wollongong, which is about 80kms (50 miles) south of Sydney. Been here since 1970, started to support Charlton in 1947 when they won the cup, I must be a bad omen!!!!!
  • Hi I'm Andy HS, but don't live in Melbourne but in Albury, which is on the NSW and Victorian border. I communicate regularly with Tel and Lee and others in our group of Aussies Downunder. Good to have regular contact with other Addicks, particularly when the results go against us, but also to keep up to speed on whats happening transfere wise etc.
  • Of course I meant Addicks Downunder!! Must be the few cold ones I've had already!!
  • Hi Mate, I'll drop you an email....we are having a bit of a bbq on the 15th September and a few of the guys are going to try and make it....youre most welcome to come along to our place in Avalon...I'll drop you an email.
    By the way, Lee is just up the road from Gladesville at Lane Cove...Im sure hed love to get out for a beer :-)
  • Oz Addicks, none of you come back over for a 60th celebration at a pub in Trotterscliffe, Kent last year ??

    Big group of Charlton / Blackheath ex-pats come back for it.
  • No AFKA....Addicks Downunder have only been going for just over a year...its building slowly....Im sure there are a lot more out there. Im staying just up the road from Trotterscliffe...or as the posh people say...Trosley :-)
    Amazed me last Xmas, I got invited to a Spurs supporters evening in Liverpool NSW...there were well over 100 supporters and they hire out a hall inside the pub on a regular basis...they also run 5-a-side tournaments and pub quizes with other clubs...Dont think we will ever get up to those numbers, but its growing nicely....its a bloody good laugh too
  • good to hear tell, and make sure you mention us to your members out there.

    We'll do all we can to point people in your direction, and if people need any help with tickets, friendly face etc on return visits, they only have to shout here and there are plenty willing to assist.
  • Ok mate, thanks for that, I'll mention the site in the next bout of emails....must remember to get in touch with Ryan for a beer too.

    Have a goodun :-)
  • I went to Oz this time last year, although that is not much help..

    (I went Melbourne, Sydney and Manly)

    if you saw someone wearing an Akubra hat that was meeee last year
  • i use to like home and away!lol
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