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Quick Poll for the Sunday morning lifers

Who's hungover this morn?

I've the mother of one.


  • Nope, I don't drink - much.
  • No, spent all of Saturday hungover instead.
  • Not drunk all weekend,sad i know !
    Been working most of it apart from watching the match last night.
    Still might get on the case this evening ?
  • no hangover here.
    i tend to go out saturday afternoon rather than evening for a few reasons.
    1 if you fancy more beer after the standard 4-5 hr session, you don't have to go to a club, and pay £10 for the privalidge (sp) to buy extortionately priced drinks.
    2 you tend to avoid the arseholes that are intent on ruining saturday nights by fighting (unless you exceed the 4-5 hr session but by then i will be too spangled to care/notice)
    3 you have more time for recovery the next day.

    quite often i find myself fully recovered from a session extremely early in the morning so go onto charlton lifers for the previous days topics. apart from mascot88 for obvious reasons, are others online at ridiculous times in the morning?
  • Nope, am on call for work this weekend, so no boozing for me!
  • I'm tee total
  • Who's hungover this morn?

    Yep too many Guinnesses last night, stayed on in the pub after the Charlton match to watch Barcelona vs Recreativo and then chatted to a couple of friends and then suddenly it was 1AM...
  • Good god i was suffering this morning.

    I'm off the juice now for a few weeks, body needs a recovery.
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